iJoy Human Touch Surf Board for Hire

iJoy Human Touch Surf Board for Hire

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iJoy Human Touch Surf Board for Hire

Improve your balance and coordination for snowboarding, skiing and surfing or simply use it as a fun way to get and stay in shape!
As seen on Super size V’s Super skinny with Gillian Mckieth, visit the Channel 4 website to see the amazing results gained from using this equipment.
Use twice daily for 15 minutes and this amazing machine can give you the shapely figure you seek.
This portable motorised fitness machine offers a revolutionary way to enjoy exercise.  If you want to boost your fitness levels, enjoy a more shapely body or burn away excess calories – you probably won ’t find an easier or more enjoyable way to do it.
iJoy Human Touch Surf Board for Hire, get in shape and hire today.

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The ‘ijoy human touch board’ is designed with a unique tri-axis motion system called Pitching, Rolling and Yawing.  These movements are designed to exercise and challenge your core muscles, specifically three different groups in the lumbar region (back & buttocks) abdominals and inner thigh muscles.
What is Core Stability?
Nearly every movement in your body involves and originates from the core muscles they are your centre of gravity.  Well trained core muscles, abdominal, back and pelvis, provide support to your spine for everything from walking, lifting, standing or sitting. Unfortunately these muscles are rarely exercised sufficiently.
The good news is your core muscles don’t need to be very strong but they do need to be toned and conditioned continuously every day. The ‘ijoy human touch board’ is cleverly pre-programmed to offer you an effective routine to condition your core muscle groups without having to risk shark attacks, sunstroke, broken limbs or scraped shins!
Easy weight loss:
According to celebrity trainer Eddie Joseph, “any time that you have to use your core muscles you will burn calories”, explaining why so many people now use the ‘human touch board’ as part of a personal weight loss programme.
Eddie has designed a series of simple and effective exercises which can be performed by anyone using the ‘human touch board’.  This simple series of exercises will help you feel stronger, fitter and more energised.
Use twice daily for 15 minutes and this amazing machine can give you the shapely figure you seek.  To use the machine you simply step on to the non slip board, press the button on the remote control, select a speed and get boarding!
Benefits of using the ‘ijoy human touch board’:
  • Provides an invigorating workout.
  • Ideal conditioning for board sports.
  • Improves posture and balance.
  • Improves coordination & flexibility.
  • Increases calorie burn rate.
  • Improves body shape.
  • Tones and conditions ‘core muscle’ groups.
  • Strengthens ankle, calf and thigh muscles.
  • Gentle low impact exercise.
  • Fun exercise for everyone.
Features of the ‘human touch board’:
  • Non slip platform.
  • Auto programme – variable speeds for 15 minutes.
  • 3 speeds – slow, medium and fast.
  • Automatic timer with shut off after 15 minutes.
  • Infrared remote control.
  • Variable speed to test your boarding skill levels.
  • Portable - ideal for home or office.
  • Select your workout speed with the easy to use Infrared Remote Control.
  • Comes with a Easy Workout Exercise DVD designed by celebrity trainer Eddie Joseph
With 3 work out speeds:
  • Taking it easy: (factory default) ideal for warming up.
  • Getting serious: advance to this speed if you think you are ready.
  • Pump it up: choose this speed for a more challenging work out.
  • Combo mode: mix of all 3 speeds to give the perfect 15 min work out.
After using the ‘human touch board’ for the first time you may discover muscles you never knew existed. Some users may experience stiffness and tenderness in the muscles during their first few days of toning. This is a perfectly normal reaction that occurs when you partake in board sports. These feelings will disappear after a few days of using the machine.
We advise that anyone with a medical condition or anyone under medical complaint please check with your doctor or health care professional prior to using any type of exercise machine. Consult your doctor before using the ‘human touch board’, and do not use if pregnant or when taking prescribed medication.

Royal Mail - Standard Service.  Delivery 2-3 Days £2.99

myHermers Courier - Fully Tracked.  Delivery 2-3 Days From £3.99

All HIRE items:-  £29.99 for delivery, setup & collection.